Durante mucho tiempo esta canción fue parte de mí, o más bien… de una parte de mí :P y ahora que me he deshecho de aquellos fantasmas es lo único que me queda para recordar que, en el fondo, ella y yo éramos la misma persona.

Como dice la canción, sólo me queda golpear fuerte hasta abrir de nuevo la puerta y seguir adelante.

Happiness is just a word to me
and it might have meant a thing or two
if I’d known the difference.

Emptiness, a lonely parody
and my life, another smoking gun
asign of my indifference.

Always keeping safe inside
where no one ever had a chance
to penetrate a break in.

Let me tell you some have tried
but I would slam the door so tight
that they could never get in.

Kept my cool under lock and key
and I never shed a tear
another sign of my condidtion.

Fear of love or bitter vanity
that kept me on the run
the main events at my confession.

I kept a chain upon my door
that would shake the shame of Cain
into a blind submission.

The burning ghost without a name
was calling all the same
but I wouldn’t listen.

The longer I’d stall, the further I’d crawl
The further I’d crawl, the harder I’d fall
I was crawling… into the fire

The more that I saw, the further I’d fall
The further I’d fall, the lower I’d crawl
I kept falling… into the fire

…Into the fire…

Suddenly it occurred to me
the reason for the run and hide
had totaled my existnce.

Everything left on the other side
could never be much worse that this
but could I go the distance.

I faced the door and all my shame
tearin’off each piece of chain
until they all were broken.

But no matter how I tried
the other side was licked so tight
that door it wouldn’t open.

Gave it all that I got and started to knock,
Shouted for someone, to open the lock
I just gotta get through the door.

And the more that I knocked, the hotter I got,
The hotter I got, the harder I’d knock
I just gotta break through the door.